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Analogue guy living in a digital world


Ive always been a fan of classic outboard gear, however, I firmly believe that owning expensive gear isn't the difference maker.  What is key is our ears, knowledge, experience and craft. Im an in-the-box recording, mixing and mastering engineer that utilises the industry leading software, plugins and hardware that does not compromise creativity and workflow. I liken recording to photography, im in the business of staging audio snapshots in Studio 325, Houston.

Feast our ears on good quality audio!

The Food Audio
The Food Audio

Developing musical personas


Ive been known to bring clarity to mixes and deliver a large console sound at a cost that is wallet friendly.  Having studied, trained and generally exposed to British and European style of mix production in London, England, I emigrated to Houston, Texas and continue to expand my approach style in Houston. I believe that my eclectic musical taste, knowledge and ability to listen may allow me an asset to your production desires.

Interested in capturing the sound you desire...?


The Beginning of The End 

Mastering is the final part of the process that can make or break your masterpiece.  The goal is to take your mix and balance and enhance aspects of a audio track with the sonic character.  By adjusting certain various levels to "sweeten" a mix, I aim to make your craft capture your vision and impact the audiences its suppose to target.

Below are some examples of mix and mastering projects Ive worked on recently..

Engineering Dynamic Experiences


Every week Im blessed to be out of the studio and engineer at venues in and around Houston.  I work with bands, orchestras, theatre production or conference events.  I also provide recording, mixing and mastering services.

Calvin Venus Live Sound Engineer / Record
Live Sound For Bands
The Canvas Houston
Receital Sound