Kristen R.

Calvin Venus is an amazing man behind the music... besides the incredible accent... he is a man who diligently works for the best, does the best, listens not only to the music well, but also the client.... is extremely gifted... and fun to be around and work with all while having having a tremendous heart and putting the fullness of that heart into each project. He goes above and beyond... a true gift.


"I've had a good experience with Calvin..great brother. I wish we would have finished the project quicker and on time, but life happens. It has actually allowed us to develop a better relationship. Recommendations coming from me!"

Antony M.

"Calvin is great guy to work with! A very skillful and productive artist who puts in the time and effort with every project and has great networking and people skills! He truly has a heart for what he does!"

Samuel P.

"Working with Calvin is great! He truly knows what he is doing in regard to his work. His networking skills are great in that he will connect you with the people that will best help achieve your mission."

DJ Overflow

"Calvin "The Food" Venus did an amazing job on my Project "Kaleidowaves" , the mixing & mastering is incredible, he kept the original idea , and the organic feeling through out the whole project! Amazing work! : Jesse "DjOverflow" Hernandez"

Jacob M.

"Calvin is very professional and has a great work ethic. We had him mix down our album and he gave us quality. He was open and honest with his feed back plus he worked with our schedule. He made this experience a joy. We look forward to working with him in the near future."


"I have to say I was pleased with the work “Calvin Venus” did on my first professional project REFOCUS. The mix and mastering was phenomenal. His efforts and talent took this project to the next level. Calvin did an outstanding job communicating the ideas and sounds he implemented to help this project come to life. He’s an Incredible sound engineer! ~AZ"

Ade A.

"I have known Calvin as a person and as a music producer/egineer for a while and his passion to deliver excellence on every project is inspiring... The outcome of every project is always epic..."

Swahili RapBoi

"Calvin "The Food" Venus is an excellent chef, very creative and know what he is doing, Very skilled and professional."

Jasmine P.

"Working with Calvin was exactly what my band needed! We wrote three original songs which needed recording in a studio. He was encouraging as an individual and experienced as a technician. He was always prompt and so hardworking. During the recording session, he created a wonderful raw and balanced mix that sounded natural. He knows just how to balance instruments and vocals to create a smooth and live performance type track. As an individual, he has a charismatic personality that creates a great atmosphere for everyone to work with him. Everything went so smoothly that we could surprisingly record all our songs in one recording session. He was always on time. His work captured the emotion and the slight nuances that musicians add in their music. In the future, my band will undeniably go to Calvin Venus for recording more of our compositions."

Melody D.

"Calvin is great! He successfully mixed/mastered my Christmas Album with diginity as if it was his own project. Excellent communication throughout the entire review process. I highly recommend, Calvin and will utilize his services again."

Joseph S.

"Calvin Venus has to be one of the most humble and committed brothers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Seriously. This is a man who is committed to excellence but also committed to being a servant to the people around him. He has taken charge is leading the audio team for the largest poetry event that happens in Houston, which is the Canvas. I've always been satisfied with the work that he has done and won't hesitate to bring him back for each event."

Musicians Houston