So why "The Food"?

Calvin "Food" Venus

Born and raised in London, England now living in Houston, Texas. Im a former DJ who has been called and equipped with a full service studio to record, mix and master creative musical art from various genres, styles, and production approaches.  Im also one half of a dynamic production label called The ToneCrafters and the official mix and mastering engineer for IDJ Records.

I specialize in Hip Hop, Soul, Pop, Folk, Country, Gospel, Rock and EDM.  Honestly, I love music so much, It doesn't take much for me to get into anything.

My approach to music is like food.  Good food is like what my mum makes...Im not into that fast food nonsense..."its a trap!"  Spiritually, the concept is similar, Deuteronomy 8:3.

My production aim is simple...extract whatever is in your mind and serve!  So, if you got something good going I'm big into collaboration...let's get cooking!