How Music Can Help Free The Captives in Your City

I've learnt a few interesting things about this brilliant city in the 5 years of living here; #1 job creation, #1 space exploration, #1 ethnic diversity, #1 the most fortune 500 companies and much more...

...Houston is a #1 for both international and domestic sex trafficking. International human trafficking is prevalent in Houston because this city is located near the border, has a port, an international airport, and is ethnically diverse. International women and girls are being trafficked in Houston’s massage parlors and cantinas.

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Greater is Coming!

When the Caribbean gospel powerhouse, Sherwin Gardner came to me, he was looking for a dynamic live album that retained each song's unique energy from each live performance and yet the energy must translate well  in a album worthy format for his global audience.  I found out very quickly why he is one of the hardest working international gospel artist, I can literally feel the passion for worship on every song.  As a fan, I seriously couldn't say no...and dived straight in. I soon realized that these live recordings varied greatly, however,  i'm grateful for the challenge because his audience loves the result.  

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