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Ok so, we need to catch up...

Ive neglected you, Its been almost a month since I posted a blog, my bad!  Allow me to make up for it...

I have been a little overwhelmed recently.  It's no excuse, but, i have been caught up setting up a new label, building a new studio, and mixing and mastering for over 30 clients all with deadlines inside the same month.  Oh and Hurricane Harvey hit our city which impacted every area of my personal and professional life. Thankfully, both our home and studio is dry, but so many of our friends, family and clients weren't as fortunate.

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Avoiding creative road blocks

Have you hit a creative roadblock? @the_food explains how to keep the creativity flowing in today's Twine blog.

Every creative has experienced it, we all dread it when it happens. When you have it nothing you do feels good enough and you can’t feel anything but overwhelming frustration.

Why, oh why? The dreaded creative block!


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