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What a 7 year old songwriter taught me about love

I had the pleasure to work with 7 year old Harper Mixon, a 2018 Harvey flood victim here in Houston.  SHE WROTE "Love Does" and tracked that in my ToneCrafters Studio. One year on, almost to the exact day I believe that the spirit of the official tribute music video captures exactly how we all need to respond to any crisis that could impact any city around the world. 

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GS's Short Film Gives You More & More!

When I receive music to be mixed and mastered, I often try to imagine how the music video would be. I think all engineers do, right?

This definitely happens when I'm told that the song I'm working on is going to be the single.  This song is different because I had no idea GS was creating a video for "More & More" from his 2016 monster album "Committed", let alone a short-film...

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Avoiding creative road blocks

Have you hit a creative roadblock? @the_food explains how to keep the creativity flowing in today's Twine blog.

Every creative has experienced it, we all dread it when it happens. When you have it nothing you do feels good enough and you can’t feel anything but overwhelming frustration.

Why, oh why? The dreaded creative block!


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