Ok so, we need to catch up...

Ive neglected you, Its been almost a month since I posted a blog, my bad!  Allow me to make up for it...

I have been a little overwhelmed recently.  It's no excuse, but, i have been caught up setting up a new label, building a new studio, and mixing and mastering for over 30 clients all with deadlines inside the same month.  Oh and Hurricane Harvey hit our city which impacted every area of my personal and professional life. Thankfully, both our home and studio is dry, but so many of our friends, family and clients weren't as fortunate.

Pondering in Studio 325, which no longer exists.  The ToneCrafters Studio is coming soon! Photo Cred: Carlos Willis https://www.tonecrafters.com/photovideo/

Pondering in Studio 325, which no longer exists.  The ToneCrafters Studio is coming soon! Photo Cred: Carlos Willis https://www.tonecrafters.com/photovideo/


I still have my sanity


Whatever is not done today, i can do it tomorrow


Thank God for the Evernote App


Ok lets go!

So, for the remaining part of the week i'm going to attempt to bring you up to speed... 

Today im gonna introduce you to artists thats on the brand spanking new label we started called ToneCrafters.  A no-compromised studio, production duo and music label.  We are literally choosing to walk on the narrow path by maintaining their attention to detail when extrapolating the artist's creative brain.  We don't want to say too much because they want their craft to speak for itself.




"We feel that if we cannot make every track we make without compromise, then we have cheated ourselves, and the artist".

-Jason Perez

"We are just a couple of dudes, who really love genuine heart-filled, spirit-led music. No matter the genre, we understand the M.O."

-Calvin "FOOD” Venus


Ok now, meet some of the artists that are about to be released...


Ki Yellow

Let's start with some of my own productions under my new label ToneCrafters.  Ladies and Gentlemen Ki Yellow - Neo Soul Artist originally from Wisconsin, now living in Webster, TX. Ki's sound has been described as sounding familiar to artists such as Amy Winehouse and Corinne Bailey Rae. Her songs are intimacy driven to focus on a great love she wants to share. Her debut single "Get Up" will be released in the fall. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Follow her on instagram @onekiyellow or Facebook.


Jason Shockley

Here is another of my productions through ToneCrafters.  Introducing Jason Shockley, a 35yr old husband and father of 3 from Houston TX, comes from a family of musicians and singers.  He is very influenced by his parents who have led the worship at their church for over 30yrs with notable artists such as Leeland, Chris Tomlin, Lincoln Brewster and Crowder.  Jason sings and helps to lead worship at his church Christian Tabernacle in Houston TX.

Follow him on Instagram @jshockley25


Yahweh Collective


Any Day now we will be releasing our first EP.  Yahweh Collective is a group of individual artists and musicians who have come together to create music that reflects God's holiness and redemptive power through every chord, every note, and every word. Their music covers a multitude of genres: Hip/hop, R&B, Soul, Folk, Funk, Reggae, and Gospel.

“Our goal is to reach the people in a very real and tangible way, meeting people where they are, providing them Hope and Truth through our music.”

Follow them on Instagram @officialyahwehcollective

And music that is out right now...

John Ebdon

John Ebdon enters the CCM scene with a new and fresh sound on an ancient subject. With influences of classic rock as a foundation, such as bands like Yes, Jethro Tull, King's X, and classic songwriters from wordsmith Dave Matthews to iconic innovator Joni Mitchell, Ebdon arrives with a wide arch of influences.  His intensely honest style of writing is a beacon of light in a music industry strewn with empty lyrics and almost void of true songsmiths. His attack is strong, his words are intense and his message is timeless. His rhythmical power in song construct and edgy counterpoint style on guitar creates a percussive element against his dynamic vocal style, to offer a full innovative approach in the very most stripped down versions of his writings. 

Power-rhythm guitar songs like DAWN HUNTER & BELIEVE, bring to bare the strength in his music against the storyline nature of his lyrics.  This is my first production of this type and I literally cant wait for his debut first EP, set for release sometime soon.  Single Believe is out right for you to enjoy!

Follow him on instagram: @john_ebdon_music

Thats all folks...

In tomorrows blog, i will talk about projects im working on right now, including another artist on the ToneCrafters roster, a hot album from the Im Doin Jesus camp, more Caribbean flavor from Flowmasters Records and HiArt Entertainment and British Asian, InderPaul Sandhu.

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