What If We Cant Learn To Love?

Caribbean Gospel-RnB rising star Sade Sealey releases a thought-provoking song called "Love Over Hate".  Now before you think that this is one of those good over evil, feel good Gospel songs...its not.  This is a progressive RnB song that boasts of melodic arrangements that compliment the dark yet hopeful introspective lyrics. In the chorus Sade asks the same question we are all ask at certain times in our lives.  "What am I living for?"...Lets think about that for a sec.  What is your purpose, why was you made? Sade hints to the answer in the second half of the question "...If we can't learn to love".  Clearly she isn't lost, but I can hear myself ask this when watching the news or after arguing with my wife...instinctively we all know the answer is love.  But, the question remains, just "why can't we learn to love?

Sade is not naive, love is something we all need to learn....and constantly do better at

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There is either something in the water in Trinidad or the Gospel is truly influencing some fantastic talent to impact the music industry here in the US and worldwide.  I believe its the latter, so let me introduce you to Sade Sealey, a proud Trini, backup singer for a number of artists like the global headliners “Positive, Sherwin Gardner, Nisa, J Prince” and many more.  With a career spanning 8 years she definitely isn't completely new to this, however, she is deserves more attention in the forefront.  Ive recently learned she initially aspired to be a scientist, meteorologist, writer and lawyer, but thank God for her start in calypso singing at just 14 year old...as you will soon hear she has definitely made the right decision!

Its certainly her time to step forward on stage and grace the mic as an authentic singer-songwriter to share her infectious grace-filled messages for the world that needs it.  With a little help from countryman and mentor Sherwin Gardner and production powerhouse AudioPredators, Sade comes from a place were expectations are justifiably high...and she delivers!  Check out her first release "Love and Hate" for yourself.


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Bon appetite friends!