GS's Short Film Gives You More & More!

When I receive music to be mixed and mastered, I often try to imagine how the music video would be. I think all engineers do, right?

This definitely happens when I'm told that the song I'm working on is going to be the single.  

This song is different because I had no idea GS was creating a video for "More & More" from his 2016 monster album "Committed", let alone a short-film inspired by the songs core message.  Joke is...we on the same label!  So much going on from this team, 2017 promises a lot of newness from albums, mixtape, videos and more...

Back to the C Life On Tha Beat produced "More & More" it features Norman Micheal (who is also the producer) I hope to see more short-films from the label.  No spoiler alert but I believe Rashan M. Films captures the powerful message (with nuances) extremely well.  Check it out for yourself and share if you like.