How Music Can Help Free The Captives in Your City

We're making art for the city, and you can too!

Houston is a great city, and strangely underrated. 

I've learnt a few interesting things about this brilliant city in the 5 years of living here; #1 job creation, #1 space exploration, #1 ethnic diversity, #1 the most fortune 500 companies and much more...

...Houston is a #1 for both international and domestic sex trafficking. International human trafficking is prevalent in Houston because this city is located near the border, has a port, an international airport, and is ethnically diverse. International women and girls are being trafficked in Houston’s massage parlors and cantinas.

Free The Captives Houston

Additionally, Houston has a huge problem with the sex trafficking of American minors, which is Free the Captives’ (a bold and active Houston 501c3) called predominant focus. While they have had the privilege to serve international victims, the majority of the girls they rescue are US citizens. Many people assume that the majority of trafficking victims are from other countries, in actuality, there is a very significant number of girls trafficked in Houston that were born and raised here. Human trafficking is happening in our neighborhoods and communities. Houston residence please take note; FTC have served girls from all over greater Houston including Alief, Baytown, Greenspoint, Third Ward, Fifth Ward, Cypress, Katy, and The Woodlands.

Human trafficking does not discriminate and affects girls from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

So what is being done about it?

A bold and active Houston 501(c)3 called Free The Captives serves the teenaged girls, but there are also boys being trafficked in Houston as well. The children most at risk for trafficking are runaways, throwaways, and homeless. The girls that they work with typically come from a background that includes sexual abuse, broken homes, low self-esteem, fatherlessness, and juvenile delinquency. These factors make them greatly vulnerable to sex traffickers. American girls are being sold over the Internet and trafficked through local Houston motels or private residences.

One of the main goals of Free the Captives is to help teenage trafficking victims get out of human trafficking and rebuild their lives – physically, spiritually, and emotionally. After enduring horrific abuse, rescued teens often have a long journey ahead of them. Free the Captives offers the continuous support that is needed so that each survivor has the tools to succeed.Trafficking victims are referred to them by law enforcement, nonprofits, and victims’ families. To learn more about their services and programs for trafficking victims click here.

So how can we use music to make an impact?

We are making art to help make a serious impact in the epicenter of human sex trafficking...and you can too!

This part is very simple.  Head over to, subscribe to the mailing list, find out when the next event is being held and then answer the call for help.  Then, read and  share blogs, comment and talk about whats going on here, education feeds the passion and sharing is also caring.  So share your inspired songs on social media and share your heart by creating videos, inform your audience and inspire them to care by sharing.  Allow them to reward themselves coming alongside you in influencing more.  Perhaps you can create inspired songs to help fund raise for Free The Captives...thats what the artists I work for like Angelica MarieKi Yellow and DJ Brio are planning to do at Freedom Fest 2017 and you can too!

Join us for Free the Captives’ 3rd Annual Freedom Fest & 5k!

You can fight teenaged human trafficking in Houston by running or walking in our annual 5K. Afterward, several artists, musicians, producers and myself will be at Freedom Fest sharing our heart through music, Join us and enjoy a festival with free food, games, live music and anti-human trafficking talks for everyone. This event will be held on Saturday, April 22, 2017 at Mason Park, 541 South 75th St., Houston, TX 77023.  

Register for the 5K as an individual or become a team captain and invite your friends at the following link: now!

Whatever you feel inspired to do, act on it quick and add #freethecaptives to your related posts.  For more information contact me or reach out to Free The Captives today!