Rapper Palace Set To Launch Vol2.

Palace gives allows for no rest as he rolls out another mixtape.

I love this dude, as his engineer, Palace has so much music planned you really have to watch this guy!  When he handed his projects on a hard-drive packed and ready for me to dive into some "gloss" as he calls it, I know he was serious.

“I don’t have goals as such, I just want to make music that people would enjoy packed with Christ-honoring content”
— Palace
Palace Aint No Compromise In Me Vol.2
Palace Back Cover.
"Im preparing for my album, so I want people to get to know me. I have to earn their trust, that's why the first mixtape Vol. 1 and now this one will both be on Noisetrade.com"

Palace felt because he came from nowhere and needed to earn his spot within the genre.  One thing he affirms is that God called him to be a minister in the rap/hip hop genre, now these mixtapes are evidence of the fact.

“Its one thing to say you are called to do it, another, to let your gift prove it”
— Palace

He aims to be consistent, just 6 months ago he dropped Aint No Compromise In Me Vol 1. on Noisetrade.com allowing his listeners to "name their price".  It will be there again for all to enjoy, this time, ANCIM V2 feats notable artist from labels such as God Over Money and Kingdom Muzik and GS and Speez from his own IDJ label. I'm pretty sure this mixtape will cause waves and fans will not be disappointed.

With just a day to go IDJ Records continues to shower fans with great music from other the other popular emcees on their roster.

  • Speez starts off the year with "Let me Introduce Myself" - Jan 27th
  • Closely followed by Norman Michael's single "Amazing Love" - Feb 13th
  • Palace's will launch "Aint No Compromise In Me Vol.2" - April 27th

What about Norman Michael, and GS you may ask?

Watch this space!