GS's "Committed" Album reaches #2 on Hip Hop Chart

After great positive  feedback at GS's listening party, we knew we had something unique! I found it hard not to look at the charts and read the fantastic reviews! 

"This is what I was thinking as I listened to the hardwork that went into the making of @thisisgs upcoming banger #Committed As the mastering engineer in this project I felt the experience was a little strange. We were at Houston's @wireroadstudios in the live room listening through conference room style speakers (no sub) watching NFL celebs, TV, radio personalities and journalists bobbing their heads and sharing on social media...they loved it...yo, they really absorbed it...and they wanted more. GS and I looked at each words...we knew we had some hits! Praise God"

I had noticed that the album reached #16 in the iTunes Hip Hop Album Chart and #2 in the Amazon Hip Hop Album Chart, which likely means it could have been higher had I looked earlier in the day.

Committed reached #2 on Amazon Hip Hop Album Chart

Committed reached #2 on Amazon Hip Hop Album Chart

Honestly, all that doesnt matter, all the hard work that went into this project...and I think this is a snapshot of our best (right now).  We have given ourselves a bar to raise now, and we will...we are determined group of artists.  

We enjoyed reading the 5 star comments across all networks, but the comment on how the album has edified them from start to finish is a personal highlight!

...cos that was our single aim.  A sonically pleasing album that allowed the listener to be fed, encouraged and nourished.  No matter what the genre, we live in an HD culture and we ought to match the high expectations in order to communicate a sound message at their level!

Expect more from GS and his label IDJ as they continue to roll out more music videos for the album.  Check out his exclusive interview on Rapzilla and first music video below: