Diverse Unified Body @ HBU September 2nd 2016

As an engineer I often get hyped about the physics of sound, but it often leads to odd looks from artists and musicians...even producers.  I'm sorry guys, I love what I do and do what I love...forgiveness is a good thing!

So can you imagine the excitement when I get two speaking engagements in quick succession. Next Friday Houston Baptist University and The D.U.B. Collective plays host to an evening of Poetry and Music from Christian brothers and sisters from various cultures and backgrounds.

So why me am I speaking at this event...you may wonder?!

Well, i'm one of those peeps, a British born Afro-Caribbean now living in Houston working in the music industry.  I still need to reign the inner-nerd so that I wont bore you to sleep...lol But my focus is to encourage you to answer your calling before I introduce the next act!

If you are interested in coming to the free event, check out the video below and reach out to me.  Love to meet some of you there!