You Can Collaborate Globally...In Your PJs!

Im having a great year of music, but, this opportunity just about puts the cherry on the cake for me!

Each month for the remainder of 2016 there will be an album or EP release from the various artists I've worked for.  As an engineer that's a cool little run.  But, every now and then I'm asked to do something I'm particularly passionate about...

Making music with creatives globally!

Ive been invited to join an experienced panel to talk about collaborating with creatives globally to the creatives attending SXSW 2017.  I will be sharing useful tips, tricks and my experience in winning desirable relationships online.

However, your assistance is needed!


The panel would like your vote. Help me help other creatives at SXSW next year by voting us on SXSW PanelPicker...

All you have to do is:
Click the following link:

1) Sign Up (to vote)
2) Click on the thumbs up!
3) Share (Thanks in advance).

If you have any questions regarding SXSW, the Panel or even the subject comment below, I would be honored to assist.


Calvin Venus