Avoiding creative road blocks

Every creative has experienced it, we all dread it when it happens. When you have it nothing you do feels good enough and you can’t feel anything but overwhelming frustration.

Why, oh why? The dreaded creative block!

Like a horror movie, you feel it coming just before you see it…and even though you have braced yourself for what seems an eternity…it still scares you. It’s a period of artistic drought where you thirst for ideas, and even question whether you should carry on at all…then…

How to Avoid The Dreaded Creative Block

Oh my goodness…the oasis!  (Why did I ever doubt you?)

When the ideas flow you feel invincible and everything you touch turns to gold. And then, out of nowhere… The inability to proceed, the questions about self worth…yep, it happened to me, I’m certainly not immune and it’s one of the reasons why I turned to Twine.fm in the first place!

The funny thing is, most of us aren’t even aware of how quickly we progress from crawling and gasping for inspiration to basking in an abundance of ideas! These shifts can happen in a blink of an eye, so always be prepared to make the most of it when the creativity flows.

I was considering how to remain creative, through the ups and downs…and here it is!

I found a route that we can all take that avoids the creation-zapping pot holes and unnecessary traffic of doubt and distraction.  And yes, I can confidently proclaim from experience that we can reroute, avoid the speed bumps entirely and keep the creativity in constant flow.

Twine has put me in the of a community of over 150,000 creative people. I’m constantly exposed to incredible talents from around the world.  It’s makes you step up to the creative hub and react to the culture of influences…now I’ve never been busier.  Each week I work with 2-3 new creatives…whatever the genre, whatever the style, texture and tone…I can never be out of ideas.  As soon as I finish a collaboration I look to discover someone else, paid or unpaid, to feed my passion for expanding my knowledge of mixing and mastering with those with an equal passion to collaborate with others.

I’m telling you, It’s so easy, just login daily, and do two simple things…

1) Use the search tool and discover something new, listen, love, follow and comment.

2) Go to the collaboration page and see if anyone needs any of your talents. After-all, there is nothing better than knowing that someone, somewhere in the world needs YOU.

After all, as creatives we all want to be better and, together, we will.

I think you’ve heard the aged old music industry saying “it’s not what you know, but who you know”. Well, I firmly believe that this statement applies well on


Written for Twine.fm by Calvin "The Food" Venus.  Original URL: http://blog.twine.fm/the-food-audio-101-avoiding-creative-road-blocks/