It’s a Small World

Flying round the world collaborating with artists on 4 different continents (at the same time) is a dream come true for a creative like me…

…the best part of that is…

I don’t need jump on a plane and fly half way round the world to do it. I can run my studio in the comfort of my pyjamas whilst eating cereal. Think about it, I can serve my clients without even brushing my teeth!!!*


So, here is how I collaborate with lots of creatives globally.


It can start with a compliment in the comments section underneath a song I just heard on Sparking conversations with these creatives is THE EASIEST and EFFECTIVE way to establish myself in a vibrant and healthy network, such as this. Showing my appreciation to a few songs I really like is usually backed up with a “Follow” and a direct message.  This is where my 30/70 rule generally applies. Talk about myself 30% of the time, the 70% is all about their portfolio, their profile, their website, their band page on Facebook etc.

The mission is simple…

Show an interest in them so you become interesting to them!


I learned quickly that a majority of those I speak with turns into a long term relationship.  As a recording, mix and mastering engineer that’s exactly what I need for my career. Before I had been purely finance driven and it left me with a creatively narrow and local clientele. Nowadays after just 5 months on the world is much smaller, my reach is wider, the sheer number of projects have quadrupled, and my portfolio is growing faster and with creative diversity.


It really is a small world after all! My encouragement to you is, have fun, talk to those you want to create with, follow those you admire and try new things. We are artists and we love being inspired and inspiring others.


*A little side note: You needn’t worry about my personal hygiene. I’d only be concerned if my wife is…trust me, she won’t hesitate to let me know!

Unique and genuine comment to a creative

Unique and genuine comment to a creative

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