Pay it Forward (to the youth)

Whatever you love to do, share the passion!

I genuinely consider it a blessing to share my passion for audio production to high schoolers on a daily basis. If ever you are granted the opportunity, whatever your passion, I strongly urge you to do the same.  The next generation really need passionate leaders like you!

Buuuut, I have to confess...I came to this realization backwards...I wasn't encouraged, or even inspired...

Sharing a passion, not just teaching a subject.

I just caught myself teaching, and not sharing my passion!

Looking back, I identified that each of the influential teachers, lecturers and leaders in my life had a glaringly obvious common, and key attribute....a passion to share what they love doing.  They each have impressioned me with the desire to do what im doing can I not pay it forward?

Last week a colleague of mine (who shares a similar passion) helped me launched my plan...a creative hub called "The Pro Audio club". A club for our budding music producers, and sound engineers, a club designed to stimulate creative collaborations within the prep school.  I admit, this idea was conceived through a combination of mixed emotions...guilt and a profound sense of duty!  I was teaching audio production, and not sharing my passion or even personal business successes.  These kids were robbed!

Focus for the very first session was simple...Collaborate!

One of my biggest mistakes was an accident.  I channelled growth in each student by being enthusiastic about technique and knowledgeable about production theory.  This made the students go home, perfect their craft...some of their work would go on Soundcloud...aaaaand that's it.  My mission is to make these up-and-coming bedroom geniuses local and global collaborators!  No longer were they allowed to be private and guarded with their craft, our lunch time sessions are now an opportunity to learn, collab, show and tell...and I will be enjoying the experience alongside them.

Introducing audio production students to


Students are encouraged to intwine with

Firstly, I showed students a collaboration with one of their fellow students in our club. I think they were surprised that I would do that...but my point was simple...

He was the ideal singer for a project I worked on for local Houston rapper Image.  The album The Echoes can be purchased on iTunes

Check it out below...

A more recent project is with collaboration through an awesome creative hub called Twine.  I explained how easy it is to work with a Tanzanian rapper called Swahili Rap Boi.  I literally did business with a creative from another continent over email...The stems came on a monday and the track was mixed on Tuesday and mastered on Wednesday.  Project was signed off on Thursday.  The cool thing is, Swahili Rap Boi had posted it two days later.  

So inside a week I was able to produce work with someone in Africa, as if he was in Houston.  Today, im currently working with artists in 3 other continents.  


Weather the work is paid or not. I can hone in my craft and develop a global client base through quick and easy global collaborations, all in the fastest way you can ever imagine. No matter if you are a student, teacher or a creative, share your passion, pay it forward and collaborate!  

In my opinion, life is too short, and the creative world is'd be foolish to pass up on opportunities that makes you work more efficiently.


Discover more about Twine through their interview of me in Studio 325 here.

Calvin Venus