Been a minute, huh!?

I know I know, it's been quiet from me on the blog front... 

Right now I'm working on 5 hot albums all due to be released early next year.  Ok, those who are in the music industry may say that's crazy...but...yeah, ok it is.  

Cant and won't say too much about who just yet, but note that I have some incredible Hip Hop, amazing folk/singer songwriter, fresh country pop, awesome Gospel and something a lil different (kinda blends all the above).  This mix mag has me contributing on different levels, as a tracking engineer, producer, mixer and mastering engineer. Two albums I wore all the hats...and it's never easy!

Thank God for my wife, seriously, her patience with me this season allows me to give the public more art in 2017. With Christmas round the corner I get a week off with the family and I know my 3 year old is going to kick my butt!  Pray for me!


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Grace n Peace


Hard at work

Hard at work

More promos to come...