To Make You Feel My Love (Video Cover)

Recording in a studio is always a fun experience,  It's the place of constant discovery, glimpses of a unique moments, and where no two sessions are ever the same.  When we get together we have a strong idea of what to expect with sheer hard work, but their is always a mystery to when the next momentary magic will come.  

Not sure if there is any captured in this video, but you can gain a sense of the fun in the beginning.  Now, what you don't know is, moments before Angelica Marie arrived, her car decided to give up in the middle of Houston's busiest highways.  Yep, one of those 6 lane monsters!  It needed a tow and a friend to pick her up.  That kind of mess can throw many artisans off...not our girl!

Angelica Marie

Angelica Marie

She was determined to maintain the mission to complete her debut EP and maintain her growth as a professional recording artist, honestly, that sort of determination encourages all of us at ToneCrafters.  She has got the minerals!  I believe that Angelica's passion for her craft is heard in her music (like a person smiling on the phone, you can hear it).  

So a lot went on between the phone call to do a candid video shoot and the live recording.  And its for all to see on YouTube. 

So here it is, check it out below...