Palace Makes NoiseTrades Top Album List

Louisiana rapper Palace released his debut mixtape exclusively on NoiseTrade October 12th 2016.  After one week his monster mixtape has already featured on the top downloads list.

Born Bruce Garner, was born in Dallas Texas. At the age of 8 he and his family packed up and moved to a small “village” in Louisiana named Florien. Obviously there was a huge culture shock in coming from Dallas where it was heavily diverse to moving to a small town in Louisiana where it was segregated. Palace made as many adjustments as he could to fit in and didn’t quite find success in that. At this point, his dad had become a Pastor and his mom played the piano so at a young age he was becoming involved in church and music.

Personally, im a huge fan of Noisetrade, as an artist and as a production label I find that a platform built on audience generosity and helps boost artist fan-reach and social contact organically.  This avenue proved beneficial for Palace as he draws new fans to his music by becoming a featured artists on NoiseTrades top downloads list...

As an mix and mastering engineer on the project, its always great to see your work exposed to new audiences outside of the usual tastemakers allowing the people to show their interest naturally.

Check it out for yourself and name your price and download Palace's album today here