Day one Done

Received a fantastic review from the talented Kristen Redd last night.   It made me stop and think for moment...I'm not the one with accent...she is lol!  

As a Brit living in Houston, Texas I often get odd looks and double takes when I'm caught speaking, but, I totally understand why!  To an American, Im hardly the archetypal bloke from England...its no wonder I get confused the stares as if I'm some sort of a Unicorn's turd. Anyway, I appreciate the feedback I get, all credit goes to the creator, the executive producer, God. 

Day one of being more social and online is done.  Its a little daunting, as it forces you to be a little more transparent to the strangers...

So here is a list of whats on my schedule for this week...

1) Mixing Trap Soul and electro/chill music for an fantastic French producer called Nebula Beatz (watch this space).

2) Back in the studio with my band TH3RDCLASS (

3) Kicking off an album production with the awesome dynamic singer/songwriter/musician, John Ebdon!!!

4) Mix and master music from fellow Brit, Salem De Tail.

5) Continuing the pre-production for a near future production and co-write with Shekinah Gloria....oh gosh...this is epic people!!!!

6) Lastly, I be wrapping up my first poetry album with the wonder Viola Jaynes.

And it all starts now , I need to get my butt out of bed mess around with my wife and child and enjoy MLK day with them all.

Grace and Peace yall!!!!

MLK day off...well kinda

MLK day off...well kinda

Calvin Venus